The Wardrobe Meets the Wall

A collection of art quilts created from recycled garments, manufacturing remnants, and samples


Initial Debut – “Archaeological Dig: The Vessel”

The collaborative piece, Archeological Dig: The Vessel, will debut in its first show at the QuiltWorks Gallery’s “November Inspirations: Small Quilt Show” opening on the November First Friday Art Walk on 11/6/2015.

Tierney Davis Hogan designed and pieced this art quilt using recycled silk garment manufacturing samples set in a tonal variegated burnt orange cotton background. Betty Anne Guadalupe creatively quilted the piece to give the background strong dimension and depth.

Originally the piece was titled: “Floating Vessel”, but Tierney was inspired by a comment from a friend that the piece looked like “something found during an archeological dig”. Inspired by the thought of the quilt representing something ancient that was unearthed, Tierney renamed the piece “Archeological Dig: The Vessel” and revised her Artist Statement on the piece:

In this collaborative piece, I (Tierney Davis Hogan) wanted to create an art quilt that represents the human experience as interconnected but solitary vessels moving through time and place. I pieced recycled silks to float in a tonal variegated cotton background. Betty Anne Guadalupe quilted this piece to elicit the feel of something old, discovered deep in the earth, as during an archeological dig. The iridescence in the piece reflect the light that shines within each of us, growing brighter as we share our collective experiences.

Archaeological Dig: The Vessel (2015). Designed/Pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan, Quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe.

Archaeological Dig: The Vessel (2015). Designed/Pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan, Quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe.


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New Piece Added to Collection: Abandoned Water Structure (2015)

Tierney Davis Hogan and Betty Anne Guadalupe have added a new piece to The Wardrobe Meets the Wall Collection: Abandoned Water Structure.

Tierney Davis Hogan discussed the background and inspiration on this piece in her tierneycreates blog in the post What’s on the Design Wall: Working Through a New Art Quilt Piece.

Below are the details which have been added to The Collection page:

ABANDONED WATER STRUCTURE (2015) – 40″ L x 18″ W, recycled silk garment scraps, specially dyed cotton fabric

Designed and pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan; Quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe

Artist Statement:

An abandoned power plant along a river in Oregon and the austere decay of the weather worn structure inspired this collaborative piece. The structure inspired my piecing of recycled silk garment sample scraps into a gray tonal variegated cotton background; and inspired the quilting by Betty Anne Guadalupe, intuitively based on the actual photograph of the decaying structure and the water flowing around it. As technological progress is made and people migrate to urban areas, there is beauty to be found in the historical weather worn abandoned structures left behind.