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City of Seattle Portable Works Collection

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Tierney Davis Hogan’s collaborative art quilt with Betty Anne Guadalupe – Abandoned Water Structure has been selected for purchase by the City of Seattle for the Seattle Public Utilities’ Portable Works Collection, part of the City of Seattle’s Public Art Collection 

Please see the post from Tierney’s tierneycreates blog  Seattle Public Utilities’ Portable Works Collection for more details.

Abandoned Water Structure (2016). Designed and pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan. Quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe.

Brief synopsis of the Portable Works program and what will happen to the artwork from the City of Seattle:

The artworks will be exhibitioned throughout the public spaces of Seattle Public Utilities in Seattle. These public spaces include lobbies, entry hallways, reception areas and conference rooms. In order to encourage involvement and understanding of the diversity of artwork in the collection, employees participate in the selection of artwork for their own areas. The artwork moves throughout the offices on a rotation basis, thereby increasing viewing opportunities of the art by employees and the general public. The collection is also occasionally borrowed by museums and galleries for exhibitions. 


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