The Wardrobe Meets the Wall

A collection of art quilts created from recycled garments, manufacturing remnants, and samples

Wardrobe Meets the Wall

Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-invent!

Since “Pioneer Days” quilters have made functional and utilitarian quilts from used clothing. The Wardrobe Meets the Wall is a collection of ART QUILTS created from used clothing/recycled garments, garment scraps and garment fabric samples. The collection is a collaboration between art quilter and long-arm quilter, Betty Anne Guadalupe and art quilter, Tierney Davis Hogan.

The journey to the Wardrobe Meets the Wall collection, began when Betty Anne Guadalupe started making art quilts from recycled garment scraps such as silk ties, old denim jeans, flannel shirts, and other used clothing. Over the years Betty Anne amassed a collection of clothing scraps and clothing manufacturing remnants to include a large collection of men’s wool suiting scraps and samples and silk garment scraps.

In 2012 Betty Anne received a large donation of silk and linen couture scraps, remnants and samples collected from the NYC Fashion District by Italian silk manufacturers, circa 1990’s. She invited Tierney Davis Hogan to join her in designing art quilts from these unique scraps. Many of the prints and designs of the silks are very “dated” and would not fare well today in the fashion industry, however their bold and striking patterns make for interesting art quilts. The silk and linen art quilts designed and pieced by Betty Anne and Tierney, and quilted by Betty Anne, from these scraps and samples were debuted at a local gallery in 2012 and exhibited at the 2013 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

Recently, Betty Anne and Tierney have been working on art quilts from recycled denim jeans and wool remnants. They know there is something exciting about creating an art quilt from clothing once worn and loved or fabric scraps, remnants, and samples that would have otherwise been discarded.

The Wardrobe Meet the Wall collection embodies their “eco-conscious” philosophy of “Reuse, Recycle, Reinvent!”.

(Note: Betty Anne Guadalupe & Tierney Davis Hogan believe it is important to support your local quilt shop and they do still purchase new fabric from quilt shops for traditional and art quilts!)


  • Art Quilts International: Abstract & Geometric by Martha Sielman (to be published December 2016). Betty Anne Guadalupe’s piece Palette of Jeans will be featured in this publication exploring 300 art quilts capturing the work of 124 major quilt artists from 18 countries. This book is available for pre-order on
  • Mott GallerySummer Members’ Show – 6 pieces from The Wardrobe Meets the Wall Collection by Tierney Davis Hogan and Betty Anne Guadalupe will be featured in this show which opens June 4, 2016 and runs through June 19, 2016, Carytown –  Richmond, Virginia.
  • Twigs GalleryThe Collaboration – opening at Twigs Gallery during the 4th Friday Art Walk, in Sisters, Oregon on Friday, March 25, 2016. 
  • QuiltWorks Gallery’s “November Inspirations: Small Quilt Show” opening on the November First Friday Art Walk on 11/6/2015 – Tierney Davis Hogan and Betty Anne Guadalupe’s collaborative piece Archaeological Dig: The Vessel will debut at this show.
  • Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF), Santa Clara Convention Center (greater San Francisco Bay Area), CA, October 14 – 18th, 2015, Betty Anne’s pieces She Takes Flight and Denim II will be exhibited.
  • 28th Annual Women’s Works – Celebrating Women’s Creativity. Betty Anne Guadalupe’s She Takes Flight will be exhibited in the Women’s Works annual International Art Show is sponsored and run by The Northwest Area Arts Council (NAAC) at the Old Court House Arts Center on the historic Woodstock Square in Woodstock, IL. The show will run from March 12, 2015 through April 24, 2015.
  • Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF), Santa Clara Convention Center (greater San Francisco Bay Area), CA, October 16 – 19, 2014, Tierney Hogan’s Color Change will be exhibited.
  • NEW DIRECTIONS ’14, Barrett Art Center’s 29th Annual National Juried Contemporary Art Exhibition, Barrett Art Gallery 1850’s townhouse, located at 55 Noxon Street, Poughkeepsie, New York, Saturday, September 27, 2014 through Saturday, November 8, 2014 – Tierney Hogan’s Random not so Random will be exhibited.
  • Fabrications: The Art of Quilting Exhibit – Betty Anne Guadalupe’s piece Denim II debuted at this juried show which opened March 7, 2014 during First Art Walk in Bend, Oregon
  • 1000 Quilt Inspirations by Sandra Sider –  sections from Tierney Davis Hogan’s Flying Triangles and Color Change  were selected to be included in this exciting new art quilting book to be published by Quarry Books mid Dec 2014 or early January 2015. The book is already listed on the Quarry Books website above link) and on
  • Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show, Special Exhibition (Quilting Meets Couture quilts), July 2013
  •  QuiltWorks Gallery, Bend, OR, September 7, 2012 – debut of the pieces in the Wardrobe Meets the Wall collection created in 2012 (Several of the silk quilts in this collection were originally shown as part of an exhibit titled Quilting Meeting Couture)
Tierney Davis Hogan's 'Flying Triangles' was features throughout the flyer as a header and graphic!

Tierney Davis Hogan’s ‘Flying Triangles’ was featured throughout the flyer as a header and graphic! (see lower right image)

All images and works are property of The Wardrobe Meets the Wall, Betty Anne Guadalupe and Tierney Davis Hogan, and cannot be used without their permission. ©


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