The Wardrobe Meets the Wall

A collection of art quilts created from recycled garments, manufacturing remnants, and samples

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Palette of Jeans featured in an upcoming book

Betty Anne Guadalupe received some exciting news on Saturday – the publication date of the book in which her art quilt, Palette of Jeans (part of The Wardrobe Meets the Wall Collection) will be featured in Art Quilts International: Abstract & Geometric by Martha Sielman.

The book will be published in December 2016.  It is now available for pre-order on (and will be available at other online booksellers and quilt shops in the future).


Photo credit:

A snippet of the description from

These engaging works of art represent a range of styles across the abstract art spectrum. 300 gorgeous art quilts, bursting with color and excitement, capture the work of 124 major quilt artists from 18 countries. In-depth interviews with 29 of the artists help us understand their inspirations, their techniques, and their challenges…Participating artists come from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, the UK, and across the US.


Palette of Jeans. Designed and quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe. Photographed by Paige Vitek



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“The Collaboration”: Show Opens 3/25/16

Betty Anne Guadalupe and Tierney Davis Hogan have a show, “The Collaboration”, opening at Twigs Gallery during the 4th Friday Art Walk, in Sisters, Oregon on Friday, March 25, 2016. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.51.14 PM.png

Our new website, Art Quilts by Guadalupe & Hogan is still in progress so we wanted to share this news on The Wardrobe Meets the Wall.

For more information about this show, please see the post on Tierney’s blog, tierneycreates- The Collaboration and Website Work.

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A Very Successful Rescue!

Tierney is still working on the new Art Quilts by Guadalupe & Hogan website so we will continue to share updates on The Wardrobe Meets the Wall. Here is a post about a new art quilt piece by Betty Anne Guadalupe.


This post is a follow up to my February 2016 post Surrendering My Piece to “Rescue” in which I shared my frustration with an “Ohio Star” type block I was piecing with recycled silks. I abandoned the piece due to “major creative blockage” and my friend adopted it.

Betty Anne Guadalupe, who adopted my abandoned piece, took it apart and completely reimagined it!

I gasped (and nearly fainted) when I saw the wonderful reinvention she did with my humble beginnings!

Here is what I gave her:

IMG_3097 A “hot mess” by Tierney Davis Hogan (ha!)

Here is what she created:

IMG_0120.jpg Ohio Star (2016) by Betty Anne Guadalupe

The piece measures 18” x 23” and is made with recycled silks and wools. If you look closely you can see sections of my original piecing. Betty Anne integrated all of my original piece in her piece!  This piece will be in our show at…

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No Limits, No Boundaries

Tierney Davis Hogan and Betty Anne Guadalupe have decide to enlarge the scope of their collaboration. They have enjoyed focusing on art quilts with recycled garment making materials and recycled clothing, but they do not want their collaboration to be limited to just those mediums.

The Wardrobe Meets the Wall will be expanded into Art Quilts by Guadalupe & Hogan. 

Tierney and Betty Anne are working on a new website and blog on the squarespace platform. They were inspired by their fellow Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) member, Kristin Shields, who has a wonderful website and blog on squarespace –

In addition to clothing (“wardrobe”) based art quilts, Betty Anne and Tierney are making art quilts using rescued and recycled blocks from other quilters; and art quilts from new materials such as quilt shop purchased fabrics!  (Recycled materials are wonderful to use but as quilters, they want to also keep supporting their wonderful small local quilt shops)

Art Quilts by Guadalupe & Hogan will imply a broader offering with no limits, no restrictions, and no boundaries on the materials they use to create their unique art quilts.

Betty Anne and Tierney embrace the concept of NO BOUNDARIES in their art quilting!

Stay tuned for more information and a link to their new website once developed. Eventually The Wardrobe Meets the Wall will be phased out.

Tierney will still keep her tierneycreates blog and Betty Anne will keep her Guadalupe Designs blog for her long-arm quilting business that will focus on examples of her customer quilts.

Never set limits, go after your dreams, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. And laugh a lot – it’s good for you!

– Paula Radcliffe


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Recently Betty Anne Guadalupe and Tierney Davis Hogan were asked to provide the story of their collaboration.

Here is the story…

The work of Betty Anne Guadalupe and Tierney Davis Hogan is about collaboration across generations, backgrounds, and cultures. They each come from different perspectives and bring those perspectives into their collaborative work.

They randomly came together in Central Oregon completely by chance nearly 10 years ago and the universe kept mysteriously bringing Betty Anne and Tierney together until they became friends.

The birth of their first collaboration was for a show that they conceptualized: art quilts from recycled silk couture fabric samples. They then invited other art quilters to join in this challenge of creating art quilts from recycled silks and this became Quilting Meets Couture. This matured into Betty Anne and Tierney’s current collaborative collection, The Wardrobe Meets the Wall, collection of art quilts made from recycled garments and garment manufacturing samples.

Betty Anne and Tierney have been engaging in ongoing collaboration of art quilts projects. They frequently get together for “sew days”. They have exchanged blocks and fabrics from each others’ “stash”. They join together for supportive, collaborative discussions, followed by sharing of fabric, unfinished blocks and a meal.

Tierney and Betty Anne each work independently, but as good friends always do, they share ideas.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.20.34 PM.png



Initial Debut – “Archaeological Dig: The Vessel”

The collaborative piece, Archeological Dig: The Vessel, will debut in its first show at the QuiltWorks Gallery’s “November Inspirations: Small Quilt Show” opening on the November First Friday Art Walk on 11/6/2015.

Tierney Davis Hogan designed and pieced this art quilt using recycled silk garment manufacturing samples set in a tonal variegated burnt orange cotton background. Betty Anne Guadalupe creatively quilted the piece to give the background strong dimension and depth.

Originally the piece was titled: “Floating Vessel”, but Tierney was inspired by a comment from a friend that the piece looked like “something found during an archeological dig”. Inspired by the thought of the quilt representing something ancient that was unearthed, Tierney renamed the piece “Archeological Dig: The Vessel” and revised her Artist Statement on the piece:

In this collaborative piece, I (Tierney Davis Hogan) wanted to create an art quilt that represents the human experience as interconnected but solitary vessels moving through time and place. I pieced recycled silks to float in a tonal variegated cotton background. Betty Anne Guadalupe quilted this piece to elicit the feel of something old, discovered deep in the earth, as during an archeological dig. The iridescence in the piece reflect the light that shines within each of us, growing brighter as we share our collective experiences.

Archaeological Dig: The Vessel (2015). Designed/Pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan, Quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe.

Archaeological Dig: The Vessel (2015). Designed/Pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan, Quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe.

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New Piece Added to Collection: Abandoned Water Structure (2015)

Tierney Davis Hogan and Betty Anne Guadalupe have added a new piece to The Wardrobe Meets the Wall Collection: Abandoned Water Structure.

Tierney Davis Hogan discussed the background and inspiration on this piece in her tierneycreates blog in the post What’s on the Design Wall: Working Through a New Art Quilt Piece.

Below are the details which have been added to The Collection page:

ABANDONED WATER STRUCTURE (2015) – 40″ L x 18″ W, recycled silk garment scraps, specially dyed cotton fabric

Designed and pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan; Quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe

Artist Statement:

An abandoned power plant along a river in Oregon and the austere decay of the weather worn structure inspired this collaborative piece. The structure inspired my piecing of recycled silk garment sample scraps into a gray tonal variegated cotton background; and inspired the quilting by Betty Anne Guadalupe, intuitively based on the actual photograph of the decaying structure and the water flowing around it. As technological progress is made and people migrate to urban areas, there is beauty to be found in the historical weather worn abandoned structures left behind.