The Wardrobe Meets the Wall

A collection of art quilts created from recycled garments, manufacturing remnants, and samples

The Artists



In 1991, when I moved into a new home, I discovered five sewing machines left behind by the previous owner. I thought about starting a quilt, called my Mom and asked if she had any fabrics I could use. I didn’t want to purchase any new fabrics because I wasn’t sure I really wanted to make a quilt. My mother and grandmother had been quilters and that made me shudder. My Mom said she didn’t have any cotton but that she had some old ties of Ernie’s, circa 1950. I quickly found out they were silk and started taking them apart paying no attention mind you to the fact that ties are cut on the bias. I made blocks until I could come up with a square quilt. The only block I knew was a log cabin.

I had a friend who didn’t know how to quilt but who wanted to learn…. hence, my first teaching experience. We bought a book called, Quilt in a Day. Later finding some cotton fabrics in the garage, I made yet another log cabin quilt. I didn’t know until later that I was in the process of creating a passionate career in the quilting arts.

I really got enthusiastic about quilting. I joined a quilt guild and took every class available to me. From what I learned at the classes, I then started creating what people called a Betty Anne – Style of quilt. From the start, I liked doing traditional patterns… always taking it out of the box. In my quilting career, I have made, donated and given many quilts to family and friends. I have been a featured designer at guilds and shows. I really got into the feeling of quilts and how the healing process occurs when putting the pieces together. I created a healing for myself with the process of making what I have always referred to as art.

In 2005, I moved to Central Oregon, bringing with me my fabric stash and my sewing machine. I puttered around working at quilt shops and finally decided to purchase a long-arm quilting machine. I opened my long-arm quilting business, Guadalupe Designs, in 2006, and the rest is history.

Betty Anne Guadalupe owns Guadalupe Designs a long-arm quilting business in Prineville OR; and she is a member of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA).

She can be reached at


Dec 2014 meI grew up in Long Island and Upstate New York. After finishing nursing school I moved to Houston, Texas and then Seattle, Washington. While in Seattle, WA, a friend convinced me to learn to quilt. I struggled through my first quilt in 1999 under the guidance of my friend, Judy Denny, and Roxanne Carter, a renowned local teacher and author.

I was not convinced that quilting was for me until I made my second quilt on her own and sent it as a surprise to my sister. A couple days after sending the quilt to my sister, she called with tears in her voice and I thought it was an emergency. I happily discovered my sister was filled with tears of joy: “I got the quilt you made me…I did not know someone loved me this much!”

After that experience, I was hooked on quilting and was amazed that bits of fabric sewn together could bring such happiness to people.

In 2005 I moved to Central Oregon. One of the first people I met in Bend was Betty Anne Guadalupe, a long- arm quilter and art quilter. We kept randomly running into each other around town – as if the universe was insisting we become friends! Under Betty Anne’s mentorship, I moved from traditional quilting into more free-form art quilting.

I  am greatly inspired by the work of the incredibly talented Central Oregon art quilting community, and the art quilting pieces and publications by Jean Wells of The Stitchin’ Post in Sisters, Oregon. Under these influences I now see quilting as more than assembling fabric into a lap or bed covering, but a medium in which to express my creative dreams.

The quote which inspires me everyday (and I have it on my studio wall): “Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best” – Henry Van Dyke.

Tierney Davis Hogan, is a full-time Registered Nurse and owns a part-time business tierneycreates in Bend, OR. She is a member of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) and a member of the Women of Color Quilters Network (WCQN).

She can be reached at and you can read her tierneycreates blog at



Before 2009, I made a couple of whole cloth quilts sewn on my old Singer 1979 portable with a wool blanket for batting and a folded over and sewn backing as binding. I have a background in fine arts and received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nevada at Reno in 1975.

While in San Francisco in 2002, I joined the Dorcas Quilters at the encouragement of my friend John Maxwell. (He also got me into knitting). There, I learned to love hand‐quilting. They taught me terms and techniques associated with various aspects of quilt making.

I came to Sisters in 2006 and began working in September that year at The Stitchin’ Post. There, I improved my knitting and took beginning classes in quilting from Lawry Thorne. I worked at The Stitchin’ Post until Spring, 2010. Since then I have taken classes during The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Quilters Affair and one or two during the year from various teachers at The Stitchin’ Post.

I have made numerous quilts and most have been quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe – she does magic. I love, love, LOVE quilt making.



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  1. Yippee, Tierney! This is really a great collaboration and love that you are recycling in such a beautiful way! Quilts are gorgeous…as are you!

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